The evolution of Emergency response

Some may call it crisis others a disaster. Whatever the case, however we respond to it, is really a call to action. Over the many decades I have been involved in emergency disasters I have seen vast improvements in operational response, increased resources, greater use of technology, media alerts spanning larger populations and far better training for responders than ever before. Unfortunately, these events still have a need for volunteers as the enormity of the cleanup and response can quickly overwhelm first responders in some affected communities. If they are required, it still takes time for them to arrive on scene, be briefed, trained or inducted and ready to engage in the work.

The attached booklet can give you an awareness of some of the things that may help you to plan for your next emergency event. Use it as a guide to help answer some questions you may need to consider and put in place measures to safe guard you and your household.

Downloading the ER App and having this booklet on hand to reference will make all the difference to helping you in your time of need. Please plan for it early and don't wait for the problem to be upon you before deciding to do something.

NEW 2021 ER Booklet
Download PDF • 7.61MB

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