"Go Bag" - Emergency pack

In my Church we have advocated for every single member of our organisation to have a "Go bag" or 72 hour kit.


Well, it is simply a pack or bag with essentials you may want to take with you when you leave your home in the event of an emergency.


The "Go Bag" should have food, water, important documents for the household, spare clothing, radio, torch, lighter for fires, a shelter (if you can) and sleeping gear. Below is a list of other things you may need to consider: (NOTE: ONLY ESSENTIALS)


1. Back Pack

2. Torch C/W new and spare batteries

3. Ground Sheet

4. Lighter or flint C/W fire starters

5. Gas Cooker

6. Sleeping bag

7. Spare Clothes – Warm and comfortable, Wet weather coat, spare socks, beanie or hat.

8. Gumboots, Boots, or good walking shoes

9. First Aid Kit – plaster, bandages, panadol, disinfectant, wipes

10. Toiletries – soap, vaseline, tooth paste, tooth brush, brush, powder, mirror

11. Swiss type Army Knife, butcher knife, spoon

12. Walkman or small transistor Radio.

13. Towel & Flannel

14. Toilet Paper

15. Fishing gear – Line and Hooks

16. Gaffe or spear Head

17. Survival Blanket

18. Tin Mug & or Billie20. Plastic bags

19. Mobile or two way radios.

20. Rope 8mm x 10 metres

21. Tent

22. Billy or small pot and mug

23. Compass

24. Note pad and pen or pencil

25. Map

26. Swim goggles

27. Family Photo

28. Money, Passports, Bank details, Insurances. Important documents

29. Mobile or two way radios.

FOOD - (Cater for your dietry requirements only)

Muesli Bars

Rice or Pasta

Assorted sweets

2 Minute noodles

Small Canned fish

Cabin Bread

Cupa soups

Milk Powder


Dried Food

Marmite/peanut butter


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