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Emergency Response

Emergency Response, it's something we should all be campaigning for in this ever present world of climate change, increased populations, global waste and new threats to our very existence. As advocates we desire for all people to ready themselves for situations that could easily disrupt their lives, cause them harm and put their lives at risk.


Active Response

Results Bringing Change

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Know what to do

At Emergency Response Limited, we encourage viewers to use this site information to make plans for themselves, in the event of emergency disasters. We also advocate for self-reliance for self, family and the community when in times of need. With rapidly changing climates, increases in Global waste and growing populations, there is a need to ready ourselves for the impact man and nature is having on the planet.


Get it right - Get advice

Emergency response is aiding in all aspects of humanitarian efforts, providing resources as needed, and response, before, during and after emergency disasters. The threat levels can require immediate response to an Active threat, or Delayed response to an imminent Threat. In each case, to be prepared is better than not being prepared. Do you have food and water storage, a Go Bag for each family member, and extra supplies should you need to vacate for longer than expected?


The road Home

Recovery from emergency disasters can certainly take a toll on people emotionally, physically and spiritually. Most times the type of disaster will determine the time and resources required for the recovery. If you have a home to go back to and it has survived the disaster, you may still need an engineers report to determine its stability, safety and habitability. Whatever the case, make the best choice for you and those in your care.


Our purpose

This business encourages Self-Reliance. It highlights historical occurrences and current events that can help you make an informed decision in creating a safer environment and future for yourself and your family. It may mean having to do further research prior to preparing an "Emergency Response Plan" that your loved ones and friends can follow. Work with them and share ideas until you have the basis of a good plan. Tragedy often strikes the ill-prepared in times of disasters and emergencies, but it need not. "Don't leave till tomorrow, what you can do today". Get some tips and use them. We may not be able to save the world but we can save a life by giving you down to earth and selective, information shared from previous experiences. Do you have a "Go Bag"? Do you have food storage? Do you have another safe place you can gather too?


Contact Emergency Response

Get in touch - We are always after ideas to help us improve our service to individuals, families and communities. If you have some suggestions, or experiences you would like to share, we'd like to hear them. It's important we share our support for one another in charitable ways and keep each other safe.

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ER App - Emergency Response App

What is it?

In times of trouble, most of us need advice or reassurance that we are about to do the right thing, especially in times of disaster. The (ER) Emergency Response App can assist in some measure by helping you to work through and prepare for those unexpected events.
Available from Google Play Store and Apple App Store this app will help you in the decision making process when gathering the right resources for you and those close to you and questioning what preparation needs to be achieved before any potential threat may come your way.
The App mentions checking the structural strength and integrity of your home, food and water storage, having a "Go Bag", potential threats and possible actions you can take based on the enormity of the situation.
ER App is an information based app that allows the user to make decisions based on their circumstances and the type of event, emergency or disaster threat being encountered, whether it be man-made or natural disaster.
The information is question based to encourage the user to make their own decisions in the event of the numerous situations they could find themselves in.
It is educational and once downloaded requires no wifi or internet access to get the information they need in times of disaster. Note: "Not every type of emergency or event could be listed, but those that are will give them a greater understanding of what questions to ask themselves should they encounter an event listed."
So what are these events? Earthquake, Tsunami, Flood, Heatwave, Pandemic, Fires, sand storms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Volcanic Eruptions, Active Shooter(s), Household Threats, Power Outages, Cold snaps, lightning storms, Chemical Fires, and Recreational and workplace safety.



At Emergency Response we realise the hardship many individuals, families and community groups are going through each day. The presence of Covid 19 has made life just a little bit more difficult, as the world’s economies struggle to keep pace with job losses, down turns in business and business closures, increased import and export times and the increased mortality rate.

As a contribution to schools and universities worldwide, who often struggle with their own economics, we have developed an Emergency Response Application (ER App) available through Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

For each App downloaded, Emergency response have committed to donating 55% of the App cost to the school. We have made it affordable in order for students from the age of 12 and older to purchase it. As with all things relating to children purchasing things from the internet, they will need to get their parents or caregivers permission if they are of an age contrary to the Law in your particular country. Students may ask mum and dad, grandparents and extended family members and friends, and their work colleagues to participate as well. Once they have filled your schools details in, the school will receive their portion of the App cost as well.

Instructions: Once the ER App has been downloaded, select the “IMPORTANT” icon and then select the “FUNDRAISER” Icon. Fill in the appropriate details for your school and the information will be saved and forwarded to our business. Once we have reconciled the school’s contribution, paid the App store companies and taxes, your school will receive its donation from us. Please ensure your people put in the correct details for your school. We are working on other Apps to help do the same thing for you in the future.


Support Us

You Can Make a Difference

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Volunteer Your Time

City Missions need your help

Each year members of the public volunteer their time and service to helping out at City Missions to feed the homeless and provide food packages to those in need, as well as those in the greater community. In todays economic climate, with a resurgent pandemic sweeping the planet it certainly has made things a little more difficult. If you are in a position to give in any way possible, contact your nearest Mission to help.

Make a Donation

Show Your Support

If you don't have the time to help at the Missions, then there are other ways you can help. Making a Donation directly to the Mission is a great idea, or if you have goods that can be donated, call them and  discuss it with them. It's an incredible opportunity to give back and contribute to this cause. At Emergency Response we help individuals, families and communities to get back on their feet after disasters by being on the ground or getting those we partner with to be there

Partner with Us

Have an Impact

Our organisation always appreciates the generosity and involvement of other people with a willingness to help. Every contribution going towards making Emergency Response and its Partners a greater asset for the world in support of those in need is what we hope to achieve, in giving back. If you'd like to support our cause, all you need do is hit the button below and say what organisation you represent and that you'd like to be part of helping others. Thank you.



Stay in the Know

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Soup Kitchen

Go Bag contents

"Go Bag" contents are personal. Every individual and family's needs are different and as a priority, time should be spent researching what suits your needs best. Here are some suggestions: Water, food, good footwear, warm clothing, toiletries, temporary shelter, first Aid kit and maybe some of the items in the image above. Take your phones, chargers and spare batteries as well as small radio for news broadcasts.

Not for Profit organisations

2020 has been an awful year for many people, but I have always had a great admiration for those people who freely give up their time and talents to help those in need. Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, community service projects and many others. For many whose lives are busy and focused on other engagements, these selfless acts may go unnoticed, but not to us here at Emergency Response. We know there are many struggling in todays wider communities that are really feeling the pinch and worry daily about how they can sustain paying the bills in their household. We couldn't be more grateful to those organisations who have helped provide extra hands whenever help is needed. Especially, Not for Profit organisations.

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Doctors with Bacteriological Protection

The Evolution of Emergency Response

Some may call it crisis, others a disaster. Whatever the case may be and however we respond to it, is really a call to action. Over the many decades I have been involved in emergency disasters I have seen vast improvements in operational response, increased resources, greater use of technology, media alerts spanning larger populations and far better training for responders than ever before. Unfortunately, these events still have a need for volunteers, as the enormity of the cleanup and response can quickly overwhelm first responders in some affected communities. If they are required, it still takes time for them to arrive on scene, be briefed, trained or inducted and be ready to engage in the work.

What now  for  our planet?

In a thesis I wrote many years ago while studying at University in Idaho titled, "The melting global Ice," my research was damning of the lack of care mankind have for their world and the total disregard by industries have for the health and well being of the human race. Ignorance should only have allowed them to go so far, before they realised the catastrophic affect they would be contributing to the warming of the planet, polluting of the land, the waters and atmospheric environments we are now forced to live with, and try to remedy before our own demise. We hope that the lessons we have learned will strengthen our resolve and makes us further aware of the intensity and frequency that storms and disasters are now lashing us with as I leave you with this quote:

“Conservation endures as a living discipline because it is inhabited by a magnificent collection of people. Only by working together can we create solutions to the most vexing problems we face.”

Carter Roberts
President & CEO - WWF World Wildlife Fund